Who I Am

Update: In the fall of 2012 I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I am now based. Please visit me on my current site, Courtney Tait. See you there!

Hello!  Friends, travellers, lovers of stories…

I’m Courtney Tait–freelance writer and creator of Free Bird, this digital playground of words + images + video clips documenting my 15-week journey through India, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

I love nothing more than stepping on a plane/train/boat/bicycle/any other form of transport that promises to take me somewhere new, somewhere that will expand my imagination and shake up thought patterns and push me to grow as a human in the world.  Along with this passion burns a driving desire I was born with: to write about how it all goes down.

So here I am.  Along with my boyfriend and partner-in-crime Joe, I’ll be exploring streets and forts and temples and palaces and ruins and alleys bursting with sound.  I’ll steer a camel through the desert and search for tigers in parks and escape from the cities to motorless islands and walk for the sake of walking, down roads with no designated end or beginning, those ancient hubs of commerce and creativity that form the arteries where people converge. Then, in cafes or hotel rooms or the crowded cars of overnight trains, I will trade sleep for storytelling, attempting to distill it all into words that form pictures in your mind, conveying the chaos, serenity and surprises of my life in transit.

Want to be a fly on the digital wall?

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A Little Background…

I hail from Victoria, B.C., a gorgeous city on an island off the west coast of Canada. For the past two years I lived in Busan, South Korea–teaching English to kindergarten and university students, exploring the country (mostly its islands), and writing about the experience on my blog Coco Busan.

I’ve got a B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism, and in the fall of 2012, I’m launching a seriously savvy online business.

Before completing university, selling real estate, teaching in Korea, and writing for websites and magazines, travel was my focus.  I’ve lived in the UK, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand, and backpacked through Western Europe, Egypt, and South East Asia.

I couldn’t be happier to be on the road again.

Feel free to say hello!


One thought on “Who I Am

  1. Court – haha, I wrote this in grade 10 after one of our talks about you being out in the world…when I read what you wrote….’I’ll steer a camel through the desert’…it popped into my head and I found it!
    Soooo incredibly stoked that you will be on a camel in india my lady. XO

    I will ride a camel into the golden sun,
    I will explore all that I have never discovered,
    I will walk all earth that has never kissed my feet,
    I will become one with all that accepts me,
    I will devour the horizon as if it were my own,
    I will leap into the sea and swallow the unknown.
    I believe I can, and so I will…
    go to a place where I can be,
    a living continuance of everything I see.
    It lives inside me as a part of my whole –
    my being, my life, my future, my soul.
    Days will pass and the time will come,
    because most of all –
    I will ride a camel into the golden sun.

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