Partner In Crime

In the fall of 2010, a few months after I met Joe in Busan, South Korea (and a few weeks into dating him), he mentioned that he’d read about a train that rode through the mountains in India to a town called Darjeeling; it was a trip he’d like to take one day.

India had been a dream of mine since I was 19, so when Joe said the words “train” and “Darjeeling” my ears perked up: maybe we could/should/would travel there together.

A year and several weekend getaways to Korean islands later, our flights to Delhi (and Jakarta, and Phnom Penh) were booked.

Joe draws maps of the places we’re headed in a notebook, researches things to see and do and then upon arrival, lets go of specifics and jumps into meeting the local people and letting the moment guide him.  He’s a master of balancing preparation and spontaneity.  Kids love him. People approach him everywhere we go.  He takes beautiful pictures and is afraid of almost nothing.  In Korea he learned to dive and in India says he will join me in yoga classes.  He makes everything feel possible, including teaming up to create mini-video docs for our travel blogs and moving to Portland together next fall. There he will begin a pre-med school program at Portland State and I will start an online writing business and we will continue to plot little trips away to see the world.

Check out Joe’s photos on his blog: Windows In.

5 thoughts on “Partner In Crime

  1. Love Joe’s photos. Love that you’re in this together. The Germans say, “Mit ihm kann man Pferde stehlen” — you can steal horses with him. Maybe in your version, it’s a camel. Ride on, sister!

  2. You guys are inspiring! I came across your blog coz I’m gonna be in busan for the next 3 months and was researching stuff about it. my bf currently lives in busan and we’re excited to go places together. thanks for documenting your adventures. :)

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