FREE BIRD T.V.: Episode 5 (Rajasthan~Land of the Kings)

Here it is–our newest India-inspired video!  Joe and I combed through, trimmed, deleted, re-trimmed, arranged and re-arranged an hour and a half of footage to create this 5+ minute montage of our Rajasthan experience.

Hope you enjoy glimpsing the Land of the Kings–we LOVED our adventure there.


Crumbling Walls + Faded Paint: The Beauty’s in the Buildings

We’ve made it to Gokarna’s Om Beach–land of gold sand, stray dogs, wandering cows (Joe theorizes these are vacationing cows, taking a break from the crowded streets of Varanasi), and run-down beach huts.

While the hoped-for hut I’d envisioned in my mind on the long journey here (two rickshaws, a 9-hour train, and three buses in the heat) included an ocean view, the ones available are tucked away behind the beach’s restaurants, though the sound of the Arabian Sea can still be heard from our doorstep.  Along with monkey calls and birdsong.  And the odd yelp I emit when our resident beetle makes a surprise appearance.

India!  Only four days left in this expanse of emotional and spiritual chaos before we transition to island life in Indo.  But more stories + photos (and videos) from here are in the works, so Free Bird will be bouncing around a little in chronology and countries in the days and weeks ahead.  Hope you’ll stay with me for the ride!

Here’s a new gallery featuring one of my favourite aspects of India–the beautiful crumbling buildings.

~Courtney xo

One of Pushkar's main streets

*Click on a photo to view gallery in full-size

Castles and Temples and Forts, Oh My

Day 5 in Hampi:

Woke up early to watch Lakshmi, the temple elephant, take her 7:30 a.m. bath in the Tungabhadra River.  Sadly, we then witnessed a local man empty three bags of garbage into the water, watch it float downstream, then jump in for a dip.  (One of the bags was all paper materials–he sorts, then pollutes?)  Beautiful bathing elephant to our left, dirty floating garbage to our right.  This is India.

After a breakfast of milk coffee, masala dosa, and fried eggs, we took a fishing boat across the river, walked through a village called Virupapura Gaddi, and stopped for a lassi break (the heat is like an oven here, making time in the shade a necessary pleasure) on a floor-cushioned patio overlooking a rice paddy field.  Lined with palm trees.

One more day and then we’re off on an overnight bus to Gokarna, a temple/beach town on Karnataka‘s west coast.  Beach hut time is calling…

New story with pics and our latest video are coming soon!  In the meantime, hope you enjoy this peek at some of India’s most awe-inspiring architecture–the castles, temples, and forts of Rajasthan.


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