FREE BIRD T.V.: Episode 5 (Rajasthan~Land of the Kings)

Here it is–our newest India-inspired video!  Joe and I combed through, trimmed, deleted, re-trimmed, arranged and re-arranged an hour and a half of footage to create this 5+ minute montage of our Rajasthan experience.

Hope you enjoy glimpsing the Land of the Kings–we LOVED our adventure there.

9 thoughts on “Free Bird T.V.: Episode 5 (Rajasthan~Land of the Kings)

    • Thanks Stoonis! India gave us moment after moment of montage-worthy images, I was constantly pulling out the camera! I’m excited to share our experiences of it when we finally get to hang out.

  1. Courtney I am so impressed. The video is wonderful. I have so enjoyed following all your travels in India and passing on bits of it to the girls. Sometimes your adventures worry me. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your travels. Love you. Aunty Connie

    • Thanks Auntie Connie! I’m glad you had a chance to see the video, we had fun making it even though it took ages. Don’t worry–I’m still a cautious traveller even among all the adventures. Thanks so much for following the stories–it means a lot to me! Sending much love to you and the family :)

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