FREE BIRD T.V.: Episode 4 (Jungle River Jump)


Hello from Nusa Lembongan, a little island off the Southeast coast of Bali!

Joe’s out for his first surfing lesson this morning, while I’m writing and gazing at the waves of the sea-green Badung Strait.

We’ve taken a minor hiatus from creating our videos the past couple weeks, as our travel-size laptop has proved to be totally nuts slightly neurotic and extremely finicky, making the editing process require extra walls to bang our heads against time and patience.  But as of yesterday we’re back at it, and almost finished our next montage from India.

In the meantime, here’s a clip from one of our favourite days in Indonesia so far, when we cycled to a riverside jungle path near Ubud, trekked across a bamboo suspension bridge, and took in the beautiful views of forest, rock and water–with no one else around.

Joe, of course, couldn’t resist the opportunity for a quick dip.

Hope you enjoy, and more to come!



One thought on “Free Bird T.V.: Episode 4 (Jungle River Jump)

  1. Reminds me of white water rafting in West Virginia…….New River Gorge…….
    Right after the river guides speech about not jumping off the rocks…….Guess who jumps in off the rocks?
    Some things never change Joe………Great job.
    Good luck Courtney!

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