Rajasthani Dreaming

Hello from Hampi–land of banana fields, palm trees, and giant boulders that look like they were strategically placed along the river by the massive hand of some mythological, pre-historic God.  Which wouldn’t surprise me.  In India, everything is possible.

We arrived here yesterday after a subway and flight from Kolkata, a bus ride and rickshaw in Hyderabad, an overnight train to Hospet, another rickshaw, and a final bus which pulled into the Hampi bazaar at 11 am.  I’ve got two weeks left in this country before we fly to Indonesia, and still so much to share!

Such as this photo gallery from Rajasthan, where we spent our first three weeks.  I hope you enjoy the glimpse; this part of India is even more exotic and multi-faceted than we had imagined.

Jodphur kiddies

*Click on a photo to flip through the gallery in full-size


5 thoughts on “Rajasthani Dreaming

  1. bollocks, water people, pink kids, pink Courtney!! sweet love vibes, friendly vistas, peace and art and beauty, and solidarity with our Earth family, Hanuman, and Auto-man. I love all your photos ever so sweetly. Send Hampi vibes to little Victoria, k?

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