FREE BIRD T.V..: Episode 1 (Welcome To Delhi)


At last!  The internet gods answered my call here in Varanasi today, and Joe and I were able to upload Welcome To Delhi–our first official video project. (And the start of a series of videos I will post here called Free Bird T.V.)

Upon arrival in India, we spent four days in Delhi, riding rickshaws, roaming the streets, visiting sights, chatting with the locals, and shooting footage–48 minutes of it.  On our first train ride out, we started editing the clips (as several Indians in the bunk beds around us watched curiously), and continued days later on a rooftop in Jodhpur and finally in our hotel room in Pushkar, where we stayed up til 5 a.m. getting the audio to sync up with the images in the way our (emerging) vision intended.

So here it is–the final cut times in at 8 minutes and 47 seconds of Delhi love, from us. Every sound and image was recorded with our digital point-and-shoot cameras or hand-held camcorder.

I hope you enjoy watching. If you do, please re-post and share!

With love,

Courtney xo


4 thoughts on “Free Bird T.V.: Episode 1 (Welcome To Delhi)

  1. court and joe…that was most excellent :)
    Nice way to start my was good to see you in real time, kinda ;)

  2. Wow!!! So amazing…I didnt want it to end!!! You two continue to amaze me with your talent…cant wait for more!!! Love yall, safe travels!!

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