FREE BIRD T.V.: Episode 2 (Joe vs the kids, Jodhpur street cricket)


Hello from Varanasi!

We arrived here this morning on a night train from Khajuraho, where we spent the last four days checking out Kama Sutra-esque temples (photos to come!), riding rickety bikes into the countryside, and trying to acclimatize to the increasingly scorching Indian sun.  It’s HOT.  So hot I need a nap after strolling outside for ten minutes between the hours of 2 and 4 pm. So hot the cement singes my feet when I hop up a set of temple steps.  So hot I relish the cold bucket showers provided by our gritty hotel bathrooms.

As you may have noticed in the title, this post marks Episode 2 of Free Bird T.V., a series of videos I’ll be sharing from the road.

But where is Episode 1, you ask?

It’s on our laptop, waiting, begging, and pleading for an internet connection that doesn’t cut out halfway through uploading it.  Episode 1, called Welcome to Delhi, is to be our debut.  It’s an eight-minute collection of sounds and images we recorded in Delhi and edited in hotel rooms and on train rides throughout Rajasthan.  It’s out first-ever video project, and we can’t wait to share it. (Are you there, internet gods?  It’s me, Courtney.)

In the meantime, here is Episode 2–a shorter clip in which Joe gets schooled by a pack of kids playing street cricket.

If you like, please re-post and share with your peeps!  We love to spread the word/visuals on all things connected to travel.

Episode 1 and more to come…

~Courtney xo


4 thoughts on “Free Bird T.V.: Episode 2 (Joe vs the kids, Jodhpur street cricket)

  1. so cool courts!!! I love your video additions! God I should have had a video today down on the New York subway…’s like india ; in the way you can never guess what you’ll see next!

  2. Such a great write up, funny and all. I cannot wait to see the one with the video of
    pictures and sounds from Delhi. Love to follow your stories you two. Be safe, and sound!

  3. Taitertot!! This is SO rad and makes me so happy for you and Joe. On so many levels!
    And…Joe is a total DUDE!!
    Can’t wait to meet him and see you soooooon.
    Save journeys and keep the posts coming! I love them.

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