Faces of Jodhpur

Above the streets of India’s Blue City, rooftops converge with sky…


while below, life mingles in a parade of contrasts: merchants, castes, colours, cows and kids.



6 thoughts on “Faces of Jodhpur

  1. Love the pics!!! Have yall run into any of the Holi Festival with all the people drenched in colored powder?!?! ive been seeing it all over the news this week, yall should find it and get after it with them!! :)

  2. Hi Courtney.
    Great post. Have you heard of a book called Shantaram? Would be pretty cool to read the book while you are there. Life looks a little different over there, but then we still have a foot of snow on the ground. Travel safe. Xoxo Rainbow.

  3. Dearest Courtney, I love Jodphur it is so pretty with all the blue buildings. I imagine they use the bags of powdered colours to dye their silk and cotton’s? Would love some
    silk from their, and after all you did leave your scarf on the plane on the way over, kind of a karmic thing to do. How soon does the camel trek start? Love it all, makes me want to see it even more. love Momm xxoxox

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